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Changes…or Station to Station…

Changes…or Station to Station…whichever David Bowie album fits my current liminal state.  In fact, It’s probably Station to Station as it is a transitional album…moving from the funk-inspired Young Americans to the “Thin White Duke” years…Like Bowie, I am in transition…moving from station to station…from the SAU Research Station in Magnolia, to the UAF Research […]

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You Have 10 Minutes to Drink Up & Then Get The Hell Out…

Marjorie Maxine Miller started my favorite Fayetteville, Arkansas, watering hole–Maxine’s Tap Room–way back in 1950. It is a place that Kris Kristofferson might describe as having “cigarette smoke to the ceiling” and “friendly shadows.” Sadly, Maxine died Friday, May, 26, 2006. The last time I saw Maxine at the Tap Room must have been a […]

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Archaeologists and Beer

I’ve always known that there is a deep connection between archaeologists and beer. My friend Greg Vogel has consistently informed his students that he has learned more about archaeology in bars (such as Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Maxinie’s Tap Room pictured below) “talking shop” with grizzled veterans of the discipline than he has ever learned in a […]

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