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A Year In a Day: My Life as an Arkansas Archeological Survey Archeologist

My name is Jamie Brandon and I work for the Arkansas Archeological Survey (AAS). Last year, the 2012 Day of Archaeology caught me finishing up a large excavation I was directing at Historic Washington State Park.  This kind of thing (directing excavations) is what the public might expect an archaeologist to do.  This year, however, […]

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Jamie Brandon screening with volunteer kids and park employees at Historic Washington State Park

Making Historical Archaeology Visible: Community Outreach and Education

If there’s one thing that the controversies surrounding the Diggers and American Digger reality shows have taught us, it’s that the general American public still does not know how to tell the difference between historical archaeologists, and the treasure hunters who are currently on their TV screens.  Furthermore, this lack of public knowledge helps to […]

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Miss Me?

Wow….I am truly sorry that I have been so remiss in my posting, but the spring semester has really knocked me off of my feet. My first semester as AAS-SAU Research Station archaeologist was very busy, but I managed to keep all of the balls juggled in the air…and I had a good time doing […]

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