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My Life in Cemeteries

Last week I got to help give away one of those giant-sized checks—you know… like Ed McMahon.  It’s a great feeling to give one of those things away…nothing makes people feel happy like giving them an over-sized check.  The check was actually from the Arkansas Humanities Council and was destined for the Washington Hill Cemetery […]

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Dixie Fears

I just had to post a picture of this tombstone found in the Magnolia Cemetery. Metaphorically, Dixie’s fears can be seen as being born sometime in the middle of the Civil War (both Gettysburg and the Emancipation Proclamation happened in 1863 and the tide seemed to be turning against the South) and continue until the […]

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Virtual Cemeteries

Gregory Vogel has just put up an interesting web application on our Project Past site–he calls it Evergreen Virtual Cemetery, the Preliminary Version. What Dr. Vogel has done is to make available to a wide public as much information as possible concerning Evergreen Cemetery–a historical cemetery in Fayetteville that he has been using as a […]

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