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I Can’t Go Back to Austin Anymore…

In the 1970s Texas legend Doug Sahm wrote a song by the above title…It appeared on The Return of Wayne Douglas album…I always thought it would be a great name for a radio program dedicated to Texas singer-songwriters…At any rate, this title comes back to the forefront of my mind as tomorrow I am heading […]

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The Museum of Ephemerata

After news of John’s successful prospectus defense, I was feeling all nostalgic for Austin, Texas…So I was browsing The Austinist (a website about Austin) and came across a blurb on MachinesMimesis (TM), a walk-thru musical installation event at the Cathedral of Junk held late in January (click on the image for a larger view of […]

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Academic Hubris

My wife is currently enrolled in an upper division “Social Theory” course in Sociology. The book used for this course ends with a four page self-indulgent rant about the book’s author and the important “grand theories” he has provided to the discipline. This rant takes up more space than the text devoted to Walter Benjamin […]

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