Changes…or Station to Station…

Changing hats...Muleriders to Rzaorbacks...Station to Station

Changing hats…Muleriders to Razorbacks…Station to Station

Changes…or Station to Station…whichever David Bowie album fits my current liminal state.  In fact, It’s probably Station to Station as it is a transitional album…moving from the funk-inspired Young Americans to the “Thin White Duke” years…Like Bowie, I am in transition…moving from station to station…from the SAU Research Station in Magnolia, to the UAF Research Station in Fayetteville…that’s right, for those of you who have not heard through the “grapevine,” I will be changing jobs July 1st. Friday, February 14, 2014, I accepted a transfer to become the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s Research Station Archeologist at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  This is the same job I do now, but my research territory will be 12 counties in Northwest Arkansas and my teaching service will be at the University of Arkansas’s Anthropology Department.

I’m both excited and saddened about the move—excited for the new position and for being near Lydia’s parents, but sad to leave all the friends I’ve made in southwest Arkansas over the last 8 years.  A lot of folks—faculty, staff, volunteers and students—at SAU (and all around the region) have made me feel at home here for almost a decade.  My first few years in southwest Arkansas were rough going, but over the last few (especially since 2010) I had begun to find my stride and feel truly a part of the south Arkansas community. The arrival of my wife, Lydia Rees, my new Station Assistant, Carl Drexler and the creation of a Friday Happy Hour among a small circle of friends in Magnolia all helped to solidify southwest Arkansas as “home.”

Dr. Sabo, my Research Assistant Dr. Carl Drexler, and I will work with SAU to make the transition to the new AAS-SAU Research Station Archeologist a smooth one.

…more details and reflections later…

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