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Google Map image of the block in question showing the solid square roof-lines of the mid-1930s buildings, not the jagged outlines of the 1913 rowhouses joined in the back.

You Can’t Always Trust a Sanborn Map…Just Like Any Other Document…

Last week a colleague of mine sent me a series of texts that she had been to see her old school in Little Rock and they were doing construction.  This construction uncovered a large “tunnel” and she was interested in documenting it.  As there was no section 106 issue (this is a private school), we […]

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The Fate of the Woodruff House…

Listed on Arkansas’s 2007 “Most Endangered Places” by The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas, the Woodruff House remains one of Arkansas’s most notable properties…Unfortunately, it stands a very serious chance of being lost forever, unless larger forces intervene.     First, the back story (drawn largely from The Quapaw Quarter Association’s web site). In 1851 Mr. […]

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