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The Morturary Behavior of a Paramount Chief, or, The Ashes of James B. Griffin

My good friend and old colleague Gregory Vogel sent me an interesting e-mail this afternoon. Greg is currently doing a post-doc at the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville, Illinois. At any rate, he tells us that a recent organizational meeting ended with a surprising mortuary ritual. James B. Griffin (pictured above during his 1930s […]

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Virtual Cemeteries

Gregory Vogel has just put up an interesting web application on our Project Past site–he calls it Evergreen Virtual Cemetery, the Preliminary Version. What Dr. Vogel has done is to make available to a wide public as much information as possible concerning Evergreen Cemetery–a historical cemetery in Fayetteville that he has been using as a […]

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Archaeologists and Beer

I’ve always known that there is a deep connection between archaeologists and beer. My friend Greg Vogel has consistently informed his students that he has learned more about archaeology in bars (such as Fayetteville, Arkansas’ Maxinie’s Tap Room pictured below) “talking shop” with grizzled veterans of the discipline than he has ever learned in a […]

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