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1830s-1850s ceramics recovered from Block 6 in Historic Washington during the Arkansas Archeology Month “Spring Break Dig.”

“Spring Break Dig” on Block 6 in Historic Washington, Arkansas

As part of Arkansas Archeology Month—and in preparation for this summer’s AAS dig in June—the Kadohadacho Chapter of the Arkansas Archeological Society returned to Historic Washington for this year’s “Spring Break Dig”.  Between March 21-26 we excavated 5 test units into Block 6—the town’s early commercial district. The Monday & Tuesday before the “Spring Break […]

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Block 6 HWSP

Digging for History: The Arkansas Archeological Society Training Program Returns to the Town of Washington in Southwest Arkansas

***I have been EXTREMELY BUSY getting ready to play host for the 2011 Arkansas Archeological Society Summer Training Program at Historic Washington State Park this June 11-25…below is a background piece that I’ve submitted for the upcoming dig*** by Jamie C. Brandon & David M. Markus (submitted to Field Notes: the Newsletter of the Arkansas […]

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woodduck pot

Hot Springs, Historical Memory, Native Americans & 1920s Masculinity

I am in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this weekend for the state-wide meeting of the Arkansas Archeological Society.  Although I have lived in Arkansas on and off since 1995, I have never really paid that much attention to Hot Springs…that is, until I moved to south Arkansas five years ago.  Although Hot Springs is not in […]

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My Life in Cemeteries

Last week I got to help give away one of those giant-sized checks—you know… like Ed McMahon.  It’s a great feeling to give one of those things away…nothing makes people feel happy like giving them an over-sized check.  The check was actually from the Arkansas Humanities Council and was destined for the Washington Hill Cemetery […]

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Re-membering Slavery in the Arkansas Legislature

Mike Carter of Arkansasbusiness.com reports that the Arkansas House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs rejected a standard symbolic resolution congratulating Barack Obama on his historic victory this morning. By a vote of 11-6, the committee failed to recommend HR1003 by Rep. Stephanie Flowers, D-Pine Bluff…after some Republican law makers (Rep. Dan Greenburg, R-Little […]

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Wynn-Price: Hidden Gem in Garland City

Earlier this month I received a call from a Skip Bernard who was working with a museum organization out of Shreveport, but he lived in Doddridge, Arkansas…to make a long story short, the organization was interested in a historic building in Garland City (in Miller County just east of Texarkana)…this historic home was already on […]

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Samuel Dickinson

The below obituary is from the December 14th Hope Star. Sam Dickenson was a legend in Arkansas history and archeological circles…I never got the opportunity to meet him, but I have heard lots of stories….He published several articles with Sam Dellinger in the 1930s and depending who you ask either one “Sam” or the other […]

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Who Are the Hoo-Hoo?

Just a touch north of my station territory in Clark County is the town of Gurdon, Arkansas. Gurdon seems to be known for two things–the mysterious Gurdon Light and the International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo. I’ll write a bit about the Gurdon Light in a later post (maybe around October), but let me explain a […]

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Frog Level

The Old Frazier Plantation was built in what was then still part of Lafayette County, Arkansas, in 1852…It still survives, and has become something of a landmark of regional (and in many ways state-level) importance. However, it is known now as “Frog Level.” William Frazier built this great example of Greek revival architecture, but the […]

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Why Cemeteries?

Some folks who follow my Flickr stream have commented on the fact that I seem to have become obsessed with cemeteries in southwestern Arkansas…”Why so many cemetery visits?” someone asked (I think my Station Assistant shares this confusion, but he has not directly asked me yet). There are several reasons for my newly acquired cemetery […]

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