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Vernon R. Perry, 1933-2015

Vernon R. Perry, 82, of Magnolia, Arkansas, died Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at the John R Williamson Hospice House in El Dorado. Vernon was born June 9, 1933 in Walkerville in Columbia County. He was an amateur radio operator for 60 years (Call Sign: K5MEB) and a Columbia County reserve deputy for 25 years. Vernon […]

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First 100 Days…

Time for an update…as many folks know, I have just made a huge change this summer…moving from Magnolia in southwestern Arkansas back to Fayetteville in the Ozark Mountains.  This has been a pretty stressful move, but it looks like many of the kinks are getting worked out. I have been the Arkansas Archeological Survey’s UAF […]

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Changes…or Station to Station…

Changes…or Station to Station…whichever David Bowie album fits my current liminal state.  In fact, It’s probably Station to Station as it is a transitional album…moving from the funk-inspired Young Americans to the “Thin White Duke” years…Like Bowie, I am in transition…moving from station to station…from the SAU Research Station in Magnolia, to the UAF Research […]

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Maxine's Tap Room a) 2006 B) 2013

Maxine & Me…

This month’s Arkansas Life magazine features an article entitled “Raising the Bar” by Wyndam Weyth about Maxine’s Tap Room in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Maxine’s was my bar of choice in Fayetteville when I was getting my MA there (1995-1999) and again when I returned as an adjunct professor after my Ph.D. at the University of Texas […]

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Music, Unbought Stuffed Dogs, Phil Collins & Ernest Hemingway

This week came more proof of the importance of music to how my mind works….many of you may know that I have no ability to memorize anything…mean anything…I have never been able to memorize addition or subtraction facts, multiplication tables, spellings, dates, or…or anything…I could never memorize prose sections or poetry…If I understand the system […]

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Third Time’s The Charm…or…New Year/New Beginning

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Bobby Joe Hand & Antonio Gramsci: An Obituary

My great-uncle Bobby Joe Hand, age 71, is being buried today at Flatwoods Methodist Church near Eva, Tennessee.  I am in Magnolia, Arkansas, and I wish I was there. I am an academic, so I deal with things in academic ways…in this case writing.  This blog post is about mourning (or paying tribute to) a […]

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Thought for the day….

I just saw this posted by my friend and colleague Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste…and the quote speaks to many aspects of my life at the moment…both my work and my personal life… “…there is no agony like bearing an untold story…”– Zora Neale Hurston

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I’m Going Where There’s No Depression…

In the early 1990s I, like so many grunge refugees, rediscovered our country roots through what was then called  This was an odd, misfit genre full of what some now call “Americana” or “roots music”…but also included grunge, cowpunk,  (or even metal) influenced bands that had a certain earthiness or twang.  Many eschewed the […]

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A Message from the Ninth Circle…


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