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What Decade Is It?

All men employed by SAU and the spouses of female employees are cordially invited to attend.

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The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology

The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology, edited by Robin Skeates, Carol McDavid and John Carman, just came out last month (March, 2012)…I co-authored one of the chapters (Chapter 31: “Descent community partnering, the politics of time, and the logistics of reality: tales from North American, African diaspora, archaeology”)…but I have to confess, the volume ain’t […]

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Jamie Brandon screening with volunteer kids and park employees at Historic Washington State Park

Making Historical Archaeology Visible: Community Outreach and Education

If there’s one thing that the controversies surrounding the Diggers and American Digger reality shows have taught us, it’s that the general American public still does not know how to tell the difference between historical archaeologists, and the treasure hunters who are currently on their TV screens.  Furthermore, this lack of public knowledge helps to […]

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Bobby Joe Hand & Antonio Gramsci: An Obituary

My great-uncle Bobby Joe Hand, age 71, is being buried today at Flatwoods Methodist Church near Eva, Tennessee.  I am in Magnolia, Arkansas, and I wish I was there. I am an academic, so I deal with things in academic ways…in this case writing.  This blog post is about mourning (or paying tribute to) a […]

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Howard Anthropology Under Fire

This month I have received a couple alarming e-mails from my colleagues at Howard University. It appears that Howard University President Sidney A. Ribeau has recently revealed his plans to close the anthropology program in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology–along with other programs such as the B.A. in African Studies, Classics, and Philosophy. This […]

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The Status Is NOT Quo…

Check out this great blog posting/media-driven article from Katie Ramos (a Rhetoric/Folklorist @ the University of Wisconsin at Madison) and the folks at the Folklore Forum: “Heroes Are Over With: Possibilities for Folk Hybridity in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” …I want to be in the Evil League of Evil…or maybe just in the Folklore Forum!

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Archaeologists for Social Justice…

Upon returning from the SAA meetings in Austin, Texas, I was talking on the phone with James Davidson, one of my closest colleagues. We were talking about how different the SAAs feel from other meetings–such as the Society for Historical Archeology meetings or the humongous AAA meetings (for the non-anthropologists out there, that’s the American […]

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Oozeball 2007…

Ahhhh…another interesting SAU tradition–oozeball. Southern Arkansas University students celebrate the end of the spring semester and let off steam before finals with an annual mud volleyball game. Check out the YouTube video of this year’s event: As we have our roots as an agricultural school & our campus maintains a large agricultural component…I love […]

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Race, Katrina and Public Intellectuals

Last night I attended SAU’s Kathleen Mallory Lecture. The series was named in honor of a long-time Professor of English and Foreign Languages at SAU who has been instrumental in the National Writing Project program, the Youth Writing Festival hosted by SAU among other important contributions. The lecture series is meant to bring scholars working […]

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The Boll Weevil Revisited

Just a quick word regarding one of the GSC mascots I mentioned a post or so back…last week (before the SEAC Conference) I was in Monticello giving an archeology talk when I visited the bookstore. The bookstore carried bumper stickers that not only sported the big green boll weevil (see mascot costume to the right), […]

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