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hpaaI’m half-way through my term as President of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas and one of the biggest transitions for the organization has just happened…pretty quietly.  The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas is now known as simply Preserve Arkansas.  This is a branding change that has been underway for two years–since we did our long-term planning document back in 2013.  Thus, I can hardly take credit for the change.  It is, however a pretty big thing.

The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas has been around awhile–since 1981.  It is the only statewide nonprofit organization focused on preserving Arkansas’s architectural and cultural resources and it’ office mission statement is “to build stronger communities by reconnecting Arkansans to our heritage and empowering people to save and rehabilitate historic places.”  But “Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas” is a mouthful and our acronym “HPAA” kept getting us confused with the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program (AHPP) which is the state agency which deals with similar matters (and our close partners on the governmental side for many, many projects)…so after careful consideration (a few years worth) we have become Preserve Arkansas.  This summer’s Preservation Crustaceans was the first event to bear the “Preserve Arkansas” brand, but the official roll-out came with June’s Preservation Libations Master Mix-off.  On a side note, just by happenstance, that makes me the last President of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas and the first President of Preserve Arkansas…It’s kinda like holding a high school sports record when they changed rules…you get to stay in the record books forever…Preserve-Arkansas-Logo1

I like the new, cleaner logo.  Man, the old one was busy.  I will miss the fact that there was a Native American mound and a pot in the old logo, however.  I am told that Hester Davis, who served on the board very early, insured that this was included.  The new logo (based loosely on the Monroe County courthouse in Clarendon, AR) is nod toward our community orientation and a tribute to our efforts to help restore courthouses across the state.  I particularly like the new tagline: “restore, redevelop, revitalize.”   This tagline emphasizes that we are not anti-progress or anti-development.  On the contrary, we want to see historic places become important in the community again…

So…now you know…check out our new website at:

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