A Brave New Blogging Platform

As I am in what Walter Benjamin would call “a moment of danger”…that is a moment of flux and change that reveals much about the inner workings of society (or in this case myself)…I’ve gone ahead and changed blogging platforms….I was going to have to change blog addresses anyway as Blogger was discontinuing it’s FTP functions (making everyone switch to “blogspot.com”…when I was using my own “projectpast.org” as my root URL)…so I’m taking advantage of the fact that I MUST change blog address and I’m jumping to WordPress.

Well…Farther Along started on WordPress way back in 2003 (or some such)…I left to go to Blogger as I liked that(at the time) I could customize my own templates using HTML (which I could not on WordPress ass it is a server-side application)….

Seven years have come and gone and WordPress has grown to more than a blogging platform…It is now a commonly used web-design platform for dynamic pages…Southern Arkansas University has switched to WordPress a while back and I find that my web pages (last redesigned in about 2006) are beginning to show their age…so I’m learning to use (and playing around with WordPress…while I’m doing that on the web-side…I figured I’d go ahead and switch to WordPress as a blogging platform.

In short…update your URLS and RSS feeds (that is…all four of you who read my blog *smile*)

Let’s see how this goes.  “Farther along, we’ll know more about it….”

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One Comment on “A Brave New Blogging Platform”

  1. April 8, 2010 at 2:29 am #

    well, welcome back to wordpress! Looking forward to reading…

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