I Hate It Here (When You’re Gone) 4:10

I love my job…I have a busy, challenging mix of teaching and research. I have 11 counties of cool archaeological sites wide open for my investigation. I have had (so far) good support from the main office of my organization when it comes to getting equipment, project support, and such…The only fly in the ointment is that my wife lives 5 hours away.

Now I am not in the worse situation…I have colleagues who live much further apart from their spouses–Arkansas to Florida, Baton Rouge to Berkeley, and (for awhile) I had a friend who taught in Virginia while her spouse worked in the UK. Hey, the new SAU Africanist historian’s wife is still in Senegal. However, those who know me well, know that I am not built to live alone…enter my new favorite song.
Sky Blue Sky is the sixth studio album by Chicago rock band Wilco, released on May 15, 2007 by Nonesuch Records. I bought it in May while I was in Florida working on the Kingsley Plantation project…but over the summer the album began to sink in. Many of you are familiar with Sky Blue Sky whether you know it or not–Wilco licensed six songs from the Sky Blue Sky sessions to a Volkswagen advertisement campaign, a move that generated criticism from fans and the media. But, to my knowledge, “I Hate it Here” was not one of the six (or maybe I have not caught that one yet). It has become my new “theme song” of sorts…
Let me set the record straight, however…I like Magnolia…the song is not about hating where you live…the song is about hating being without someone…Below are the lyricsto “I Hate it Here”…anyone who knows me will recognize me in “I try to stay busy…I do the dishes, I mow the lawn.”
I try to stay busy
I do the dishes, I mow the lawn
I try to keep myself occupied
Even though I know you’re not coming home
I try to keep the house nice and neat
I make my bed I change the sheets
I even learned how to use the washing machine
But keeping things clean doesn’t change anything
What am I gonna do when I run out of shirts to fold?
What am I gonna do when I run out of lawn to mow?
What am I gonna do if you never come home?
Tell me, what am I gonna do?
I hate it
I hate it here
When you’re gone
I caught myself thinking
I caught myself thinking once again
Have to try to keep my mind out of this
Try not to pretend
I’ll check the phone
I’ll check the mail
I’ll check the phone again and I call your mom
She says you’re not there and I should take care
I hate it here
When you’re gone
I try to stay busy
I take out the trash, I sweep the floor
Try to keep myself occupied
Cause I know you don’t live here anymore
PS: We are working on getting my wife a bit closer to southwest Arkansas and she has been able to telecommute for a week every month…so we’re working on it.

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