One Year Anniversary…

This month is both the one year anniversary of my permanent arrival in Magnolia and the one year anniversary of the discovery of the theft of the Cedar Grove ceramic vessels from the AASSAU Research Station facility in the Bruce Center.

I’ll be posting a one-year report to the blog in the next couple of weeks…that’ll take care of the anniversary of my tenure as AASSAU Research Archeologist….but as for the stolen pots…
Last week, the Magnolia Banner-News ran a nice front-page, above-the-fold story that hopefully puts the pots back into the public memory (so they can keep an eye out for them) and may drum up some donations for building our security measures. Look here for a PDF of the article.
The Magnolia Banner-News continues to do a great job of covering both the case and archeology in general.

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One Comment on “One Year Anniversary…”

  1. December 26, 2011 at 5:45 pm #

    Mr. Brandon.
    I’m a freelance writer based in Boles, near Mena, and have become fascinated with this story of the Caddo pottery heist. I have only seen one Caddo piece in person so far, at a little shop in Mena. But they didn’t look familiar to any of those stolen. However, I’m curious as to how far the investigation has gotten in the past year or so since the last story was written.
    I have been to the FBI website and it seems it hasn’t gotten anywhere. And perhaps we are just waiting on someone to die before they are found at an estate sale or something.
    What does your gut tell you? Are they in Arkansas? Or have they already made their way to New Orleans?

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