Mag-Town Music

Magnolia is in a dry county…and therefore has few venues for live music…I am therefore surprised to find a bunch of videos from Magnolia bands and hip-hop groups on YouTube…It has to be a real indicator that the digital age is allowing more folks access to the technologies to let their creativity be heard…man, I wish I could have done this in Eva, Tennessee in the 1970s!

At any rate, check out the video below…JDBfromtheMAG Presents “Mingle”: The Ode to the Block…I like it because its raw and it shows lots of scenes of Magnolia neighborhoods…It was posted in March of 2007.

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One Comment on “Mag-Town Music”

  1. May 8, 2007 at 3:24 am #

    as posted on your facebook profile (wow, I just learned that one can import blogs into facebook)..I’m not much for that style of music but this video is awesome. It is a perfect example of how technology (and the ability to post on the web-for free, no less) can be used to express identity and creativity.. even from a small town in SW Arkansas. Take a look at the link pasted below. A provocative video that sheds an interesting light to our participation in the “information revolution” (as Childe rolls over) and various concerns that will become more and more important in the development and growth of this emerging form of communication and expression.

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