Well …Next week I’m becoming a Magnolia Rotarian…

I’m sure that a great number of my friends will be floored by that prospect. I know…somehow it seems incongruous–an academic anthropologist joining an organization that evokes images of business…perhaps smokey rooms in hotel dining rooms in the 1950s…Please…put those images out of your mind (Although I do have the right build and glasses to fit into that mental image…I just need a cigar). The modern rotary is first and foremost a service organization with surprisingly broad-minded objectives.

I am not going into the organization blind, you see…I have given many Rotary Club programs on archaeological work in my day and I have been surprised myself at some of the ideas promulgated by Rotary International. First, anybody who knows me can easily see how I would find the Rotary motto “service before self” attractive….Additionally, the stated object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service, to encourage high ethical standards, and to help build understanding, goodwill and peace in the world…
Well, that sounds pretty cool…not to mention pretty anthropological.
The final straw, of course, is that many of the interesting SAU folks I have met are members of the Rotary (and networking was, of course, what was behind Rotary’s founding). I figure I can also use “make up meetings” in other southwestern Arkansas towns (i.e., Hope, El Dorado, Texarkana, and Camden) as a way to “spread the gospel” of archeology….
At any rate…wish me luck…
Next stop: IOOF (*grin*).

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