Holt Hall Foundations

On Thursday, April 12, 2007 Dr. Ben Johsnon of the SAU History Department notified me that the Physical Plant employees had unearthed some foundations…When I heard this, I hoped that it might be the foundation of Old Main (the first structure on the SAU campus…See some of early posts here for some pics). . .Alas, it was not Old Main, but it was one of the first generation of SAU’s buildings.

Holt Hall was one of the first dormitories quickly built in response to the overwhelming enrollment following the opening of what was then the Third District Agricultural School (TDAS) in 1909. Dr. James Willis identified the foundations and provided us with a date of 1911, which corresponded with the material remains–the foundations are made of a simple aggregate concrete without any rebar supports (certainly pre-1930s).

David Jeane (my AASSAU Station Asst.) and I spent a few hours documenting the remains of these foundation before the SAU Physical Plant took a jackhammer to the upper portions of the foundations.

Interestingly, Steven Oches‘ digital photography class showed up as well to document us documenting the foundations…

Above: The concrete foundations of Holt Hall.
For more pictures of the foundations (including some of the pics by Steven Oches’ students) check out:

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