Archive | April 9, 2007

Of Mounds, Turkeys and Spirits….

As you know from previous posts, in late March the AAS–SAU Research Station hosted the Caddo Archaeological Conference…all went well (with a few of the normal hick-ups)…you can check out my Flickr pages here for pictures of the event if you like. I have one interesting story to pass along from the conference, however…on Sunday […]

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Sometimes it Snows in April…..

Sometimes it Snows in April…..O.K…’s a Prince song from Under the Cherry Moon…but this last week it did, in fact, snow in Northwest Arkansas….T.J. reports that the region hit record lows (I’m in Magnolia in the southwest portion of the state)….the snow did stay around long, however….I just couldn’t resist the obscure reference.

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