Miss Me?

Wow….I am truly sorry that I have been so remiss in my posting, but the spring semester has really knocked me off of my feet. My first semester as AAS-SAU Research Station archaeologist was very busy, but I managed to keep all of the balls juggled in the air…and I had a good time doing it. The Spring semester is a different story, however…The addition of my 2 classes (General Anthropology and Anthropology of North American Indians) has swamped me as I did not cut back my outreach and research efforts. I have: closed on my house, gone to the SHAs in Williamsburg, VA, taught the archeology merit badge class at a Boy Scout Wintercamp at Camp DeSoto south of El Dorado (see photo above by Anthony Clay Newton), I have visited two CRM excavations in my station territory, I am helping to organize the upcoming Caddo Conference in Magnolia…I will be giving a program to the Kadohadacho Chapter of the AAS (Feb 13), an a program at Historic Washington State Park (Mar 6)…I have helped conduct geophysical surveys on a mound group in Northern Louisiana and I have helped map an Archaic site near Hot Springs…I am mapping 4 African-American cemeteries in my area…I will be documenting another cemetery and a well at Historic Washington State Park this month…and I have a journal article, a book chapter and an peer review for a regional journal all with deadlines this month…..Arrrgghhhh!I LOVE teaching and would not stop if I had the chance…but I’ve learned a valuable lesson about “seasonal” outreach at the AAS-SAU Station…you live you learn.I’ll endeavor to post a little more regularly as we go through the spring…

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