Kadohadacho Reborn

Thirty-six years ago (Nov. 10, 1970) folks interested in archeology formed a chapter of the Arkansas Archeological Society in Magnolia, Arkansas. The members met and voted to call themselves the “Kadohadacho Chapter.” Almost 30 people showed up to that first meeting including folks from Magnolia, Texarkana, Camden, Junction City, El Dorado, Hope, Smackover and, believe it or not, Arkadelphia and Kasciusko, Mississippi.

Two of the members who were at that first meeting–Leon Hardin (who was elected President back then) and Vernon Perry–are still active volunteers at the AAS-SAU Station…Vernon turns in more site files a month than all the AAS Research Station archeologists combined.

The last meeting of the Kadohadacho Chapter was in March of 2004, but after a period of inactivity we are attempting a rebirth…you can read the first of a new series of newsletters of the chapter in PDF form here.

Why are we called “Kadohadacho”? The Kadohadacho (Kä’dohadä’cho, meaning real Caddo or “Caddo proper”) were a tribe of the Caddo confederacy. The Caddo, of course, were one of the major groups of Native Americans living in southwestern Arkansas during late prehistoric and early historic times…Incidentally, the “Johnny Ford Chapter”, after an important site in Lafayette County that they had just excavated, came in a close second.

I have mixed feelings about the name….I mean, I’m not Kadohadacho, nor are any of our members that I’m aware of….It’s kinda like my feelings about the old African-American Archeology Network (see my post of Tuesday, January 24, 2006 entitled “An Archaeology of the African Diaspora Beyond North America” on Farther Along).

In another way, however, it is appropriate that our name mean “the real Caddo” or “Caddo proper” as Frank Schambach, the previous SAU Research Station Archeologist, spent the latter part of his career arguing just that–that the folks living in southwestern Arkansas in the late preshistoric periods were the “real Caddo”….those folks in the Arkansas River Valley and the Ozarks were Caddo posers at best.

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