More Changing Identities…

While I’m talking about identities…I’ve just returned from my second trip back to Fayetteville since I became the AAS-SAU Station Archeologist. Interestingly, I did not feel like a Station Archeologist until I returned to the main AAS office on the UofA Agricultural Campus…

I drove the 5 hours up to Northwest Arkansas, parked in the parking lot, walked in the door, said my “hellos” and gave my supply order to Barbara Scott, our office administrator and….BAM!…it hit me that I was a Station Archeologist.

I thought, “that’s odd, why now?”…the answer is simple…Although I’ve worked for the AAS on and off since 1997, I rarely saw Station Archeologists actually at their stations…I typically saw them rolling into the “Coordinating Office” (the C.O., to us at the AAS) for visits…I was now doing just that…so…BAM!

That made me do some thinking about how I was running my station…why when I wanted things a certain way, or assumed I had access to certain types of data, my station assistant and volunteers sort of looked at me like I was crazy…my only model was the CO…I am attempting to run my station like a little version of the CO…

Is that a bad thing? I’m not sure yet, it probably has good points and bad points…but at least I’m aware of it now.

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