Life in Magnolia So Far: A Bit More Excitement Than I Expected

I arrived late Sunday, unpacked on Monday…It was hot & muggy. I attempted to avoid the heat by starting to unpack at 5:00 am on Monday…Alas, it was 85 at 5:00am…87 by dawn. Needless to say, it was a very hot, long day of moving a 17′ U-Haul full of books into my new office and getting stuff on shelves.

I also saw Frank Schambach, my predecessor, off on Monday–He and his wife Marilyn have moved back to their homeland in upstate New York…and he’s been nice enough to allow me to house sit for him while I look for a permanent address in Magnolia.

I began working as the Southern Arkansas University Research Station’s Archaeologist on Tuesday…Unfortunately, on Thurs. David Jeane (a Research Associate at the Station) and myself discovered that 26 Caddoan ceramic vessels had been stolen from the Cedar Grove collection. I’ll post more about in a few days, but it is certainly a hard way to begin a new job…these ceramic pots were Federal property (thus the FBI must be involved) and we were, in a sense, keeping them in trust until they could be repatriated to the Caddo Nation… I feel horrible.

I will post more about this in a few days, but for now you can download a large PDF of what was taken (including pictures) here, and you can read the first newspaper article that came out today on the theft here.

Pass these items along to anyone who might be able to help us find these missing sacred vessels and prosecute those who stole them.

More later…

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