The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture

The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies (along with the help of many other scholars throughout the state) has started a project that strives to offer a definitive, comprehensive, and accurate record of Arkansas–The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. The online version of the Encyclopedia is the first component of the project & it has made its debut today at:

This project, obviously inspired by similar efforts such as the Handbook of Texas Online , also gets me anxious to tackle a project that I have wanted to undertake for awhile–a on-line content-heavy site for Arkansas archaeology. This too is inspired by a Texas effort–Texas Beyond History.

Photo: Sketch by Edwin Curtiss of the Stanly Mound at Toltec (Lonoke County); circa 1879. From the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture's media gallery.

I’m hoping that in my new position as AAS Station Archeologist that I (and maybe my colleague George Sabo) might start work on web content in earnest.

Try out the Encyclopedia of Arkansas: a search for “archaeology” reveals entries for historical archaeology, Samuel Dellinger, Mark R. Harrington, Edwin Curtis, C. B. Moore, Salt Making, all the periods you can think of (e.g., Mississippian, Woodland, Archaic, etc.)…looks like a good start to me.

Note: our Van Winkle’s Mill Archaeological Project gets a mention in the “historical archaeology” entry of the Arkansas Encyclopedia. It’s a great article written by Mary Kwas & Leslie “Skip” Stewart-Abernathy.

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