“Deep Thoughts” on “Is there life after a PhD?”

Denise Carter’s brand new anthropology blog Deep Thoughts started out with a post that made me smile…..some ‘Shallow Thoughts’ of what to do after your Ph.D. in Anthropology:

  1. Reaquaint yourself with your family, but be especially careful of partners/spouses/parents/friends/children who have aged five years since you last noticed them.
  2. Get drunk (it doesn’t matter if you have a headache tomorrow)
  3. Clean the fridge
  4. Clean the house
  5. Have sex (not necessarily in this order!)
  6. Read something NOT published by Routledge, Sage, Berg, etc.
  7. Change your email signature to include ‘Dr.’
  8. Switch the computer off before 5pm every day
  9. Lie in every Sunday
  10. Give birthday/Christmas presents WITHOUT lecturing people about ‘gift exchange’
  11. Move textbooks into spare bedroom
  12. Accidentally leave your latest published article on the coffee table for when your mother-in-law visits

I’ve certainly gotten around to some of these since my “rights of passage” in Austin, TX…Esp. #8, #9, #7 & #2. I hope to do get heavily into #1 this May when I visit my folks for the first time in a year or so (I do miss them…things just stay busy). I’d like to find time for #6…but no luck yet. However, I don’t anticipate #11 or #10 EVER happening.

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