The Shovel Bum’s Lot

I’ve been remiss in pointing this out….my old friend from the University of Texas Troy Lovata (now a prof. at the University of New Mexico) has teamed up with Trent and Betsy de Boer to make a short animated version of the ‘zine Shovelbum for the Archaeology Channel called “A Shovel Bum’s Lot.”

For those of you who aren’t (or haven’t been) shovelbums, in the late 1990s the de Boers started to make an underground mag. about the life of itinerant archaeological field technicians….this was eventually published by AltaMira Press in 2004…It’s near to my heart as much of the “plot” takes place while Trent & Betsy were working for an Arkansas CRM firm just down the road in West Fork, AR…

At any rate, Lavata has always been interested in 1) animation and 2) getting information about archaeology out to the public…..he gets to teach cool courses like “Documentary Archaeology” (a field course) and “In the Digital Now“…..check it out.

Shovel Bum, the ‘zine
Shovel Bum the Book
The Shovelbum’s Lot

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