Seeking Anthropologists…

The Discovery Channel is looking for a host for a TV pilot about immersion in other cultures. The following is being posted on websites & flyers on campuses around the country… jazz up your vita & go get a head shot……yeah, right…. Do you know ANY anthropologists who are “TV attractive”?

We’re seeking a male and female (late 20s – late 30s), any ethnicity, with a background/education/experience in anthropology, sociology, archaeology, or similar studies. Ideally this person has overseas expedition experience/interaction with other cultures. Must be outgoing, adventurous, low maintenance, TV attractive, have a real thirst for learning about other cultures (mostly third world), yet NOT in a tourists way or host/reporter on “the scene.” It is likely, the man and woman would both immerse themselves in other cultures, and see in part how their experiences differ because of gender. The time commitment will be rather intensive and extensive so must be able to be out of the country weeks, if not a couple of months on, end depending on if this television pilot goes to series.

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One Comment on “Seeking Anthropologists…”

  1. December 4, 2005 at 6:49 pm #

    hey WTF is this broad brush debasement of anthropologists as not “TV-attractive”? If Greta Van Sustern or whatever that hag’s name is can get a highly compensated position on CNN, there is certainly a plausible amount of hope for us anthro slaves. Plus,I thought there were many fine specimens at the AAA’s. bah!
    -Alexis (aka “Farce”)

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