Of Dogs and Saints…

Just Wanna Know clued us in today on “how to become a saint”….at least the plan presented in 1453 by Abu Abdallah Muhammad Al-Jazuli Al-Simlali. The 10 attributes of a dog, in particular caught my attention….

…acquire the 10 attributes of the dog–the example of the dog is to get rid of any feelings of self-importance: In the dog are ten praiseworthy attributes that are found in the sincere disciple:

1. He sleeps only a little at night; this is a sign of the lovers of God.
2. He complains of neither heat nor cold; this is a sign of the patient.
3. When he dies, he leaves nothing behind which can be inherited from him; this is a sign of the ascetics.
4. He is neither angry nor hateful; this is a sign of the faithful.
5. He is not sorrowful at the loss of a close relative, nor does he accept assistance; this is a sign of the secure.
6. If he is given something, he consumes it and is content; this is a sign of the contented.
7. He has no known place of refuge; this is a sign of the wanderers.
8. He sleeps in any place that he finds; this is a sign of the satisfied.
9. Once he knows his master, he never hates him, even if he beats or starves him; this is a sign of the knowers.
10. He is always hungry; this is a sign of the virtuous.

Check out the whole JWK post and much more here.

I’m a big dog fan, myself…So I like the sentiment….maybe that’s also why there are some strong connections between animals and piety in the Christian church (think St. Paul in the Wilderness, all the animals in the Bible who have been the instruments of revelations)…There is even St. Christopher who is sometimes called Cynephoros [dog-faced] or Cynocephalos [dog-headed] in Greek. Click here to find out more about the Dog-headed saints such as St. Christopher Cynocephalus (pictured above)…….Check out the work of Anthony Weir by clicking here.

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