BEST OF 2003

Here it is. . the last day of 2003. I have the sneaking suspicion that I didn't get half the things done this year that I wanted. Even more daunting is the knowledge that this next semester (the spring of 2004) is going to be a true test to my ability to keep on top of things–I'm going to be a very busy boy. I'll be teaching courses at both the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas Community College, finishing up my dissertation (I'm set to defend in the Spring), and preparing/traveling/performinatat at least 2 job interviews (maybe more. . . I'll have a fuller picture as January comes to an end).

Enough of my problems. . . . I've actually handled worse schedules during my graduate program at the University of Texas. . . . on to the more "fun" aspect of a "end of the year" post–the "best of 2003" lists. Not that anybody cares about my opinions about music, books or film. . . . but blogging is, by its nature, a self-obsessed activity, so I thought I'd endulge by listing the best of two things which occupy most of my time. . . anthropology and music. Note: that these are, of course, only my opions. . . I make no claims to have read and/or listened to all available material released/published in 2003. . . I have read and/or listend to the stuff on my lists. . . & I think they work. Check them out if you have the chance.

JCB's Best Anthropology/Archaeology/History of 2003:

1) Hillbilly: A Cultural History of an American Icon by Anthony Harkins
2) Race and Practice in Archaeological Interpretation by Charles Orser
3) Marx's Ghost: Conversations With Archaeologists by Thomas C. Patterson
4) Lines That Divide: Historical Archaeologies of Race, Class, and Gender (paperback) by James Delle, Stephen Mrozowski, & Robert Paynter
5) The Archaeology of Traditions (paperback) by Timothy R. Pauketat
6) Voices of Modernity : Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality by Richard Bauman & Charles L. Briggs
7) Dug to Death: A Tale of Archaeological Method & Mayhem by Adrian Praetzellis
8) Landscape, Memory and History: Anthropological Perspectives by Pamela J. Stewart & Andrew Strathern
9) Archaeologist's Toolkit Series (several volumes by various authors including: Robert Laferty, Charles Ewen, and others)
10) Etowah: The Political History of a Chiefdom Capital by Adam King

JCB's Best Alt.Country Music Releases of 2003:

1) Danny Barnes Dirt On The Angel
2) The White Stripes Elephant
3) Jayhawks Rainy Day Music
4) Drive-By Truckers Decoration Day
5) Steve Earle Just an American Boy
6) Jay Farrar Terroir Blues
7) Dwight Yoakam Population Me
8) Rodney Crowell Fate's Right Hand
9) Robert Earl Keen Farm Fresh Onions
10)Cracker Country Sides

for what its worth. . . .

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